The Little Tin Card - .Microgreens - Sunflower

Unique Greeting Cards with microgreens seeds

The microgreens card unfolds into a unique indoor pot and includes everything they’ll need to grow their own little garden full of kale microgreens. Perfect for Birthday gifts, Thinking of You cards or any occasion at all. 

Just add water and you’ll have fixings for an organic salad or garnish for any favourite meal in less than 2 weeks!


Microgreens Tin - Sunflower

A one-of-a-kind tin grow garden that includes 100% Certified Organic and non-GMO sunflower microgreen seeds supplied by our good friends at Mumm's Seeds, 2 dehydrated coir soil disks which are a perfect growing medium and a mixing stick. 




Mumm’s have been farming organically since the 1970s, selling the highest quality organic, non-GMO, sprouting seeds for over 35 years.


The Little Tin Card Co is a proud partner with Canada Post. Our Little Tin Cards are Canada Post approved for mailing with a 200 gram postage stamp. Simply add 200 grams of postage, include your message and the mailing address and drop your tincard into the nearest Canada Post mailbox. 

If your postmaster refuses to accept your Little Tin Card for mailing, please purchase the postage yourself and add to the tin. We are Canada Post approved and your tins will mail within Canada. 

**When mailing outside of Canada, you do so at your own risk. As with any item shipping over the border, there may be customs duties and declarations required. We are not responsible for mailings outside of Canada or within Canada once the tins have been dropped off at a Canada Post location or mailbox. 

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