For the "GIFTER": 


  • One who gives a gift.

1) Choose a Gift-a-Green theme (or all 8).
2) Enter the mailing info and your message on the back postcard sticker.
3) Add a regular stamp (100 grams postage in Canada).
4) Pop it in the mailbox then sit back and smile. 

It’s that simple!



For the "GIFTEE": 


  • One who receives a gift.


    1) Check your mailbox.
    2) Read your personal message on the back of your Gift-a-Green pouch.
    3) The Gift-a-Green instructions on the bottom of the pouch:
              - simply tear along the dotted line
              - remove the small bag filled with organic microgreen seeds
              - add the microgreen seeds, a touch of water (1/4 cup) and a lot of love
              - place your Gift-a-Green in a sunny area and watch the microgreens come alive
              - At about 14 days your microgreens are ready to eat.  
              - Eat them solo or add to any one of your favourite dishes. 
    PS: No need to transplant – your pouch is the pot!