Birthday Bash Pack

 Happy Birthday Bash Pack

Say Happy Birthday with some serious ZIP! Why send a regular card when you can send a Gift-a-Green Birthday Bash Pack!  These unique and fun “Sow and Grow” cards will light up anyone's special day.  Your recipient will get to try out their own green thumb and have tonnes of fun reading your personal messages, opening the pouches, planting the seeds and growing their very own mini microgreens garden. Within 8-10 days they’ll be ready to harvest and eat. The best part is – your Gift-a-Green cards will be on full display and have them thinking about you all week long.

Sunflowers are gorgeous but, they are not just a pretty face! They are a great source of protein and considering their sweet earthy flavor and crisp texture, sunflower sprouts are a great snack and can easily be incorporated into a number of dishes. Personally, we love mixing them in a stirfry. 

Curly cress, or garden cress is a fast-growing, edible microgreen that is botanically related to watercress and mustard, sharing their peppery, tangy flavor and aroma.  These peppery flavored beauties are a perfect addition to any salad, sandwich or stirfry. Send one today (and then invite yourself for dinner). 

Gift-a-Green edible greeting cards are fun for everyone! We have cards for Birthdays, Mothers Day, Christmas, and more. We use only certified organic microgreens that are safe, healthy, and delicious to eat. Plus our products are Made in Canada and packed by hand in Vancouver, B.C.

Simply choose a card, write your message, include the mailing address and add a stamp (100 grams). No need to put in a separate envelope as our cards are the envelope and grow pot all in one!



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