The Little Tin Card - Hot Chocolate - Dark

Our hot chocolate card contains your choice of premium milk chocolate or dark chocolate powder. All provided using fair trade practices by the Camino chocolate company. The perfect gift to help someone warm up with whether they’re sitting around a fire or just looking for a treat on a Sunday afternoon.




Camino operates under the “all that can be” fair trade principle, meaning that all ingredients in a Camino end-product that can be sourced on fair trade terms will be.

The Little Tin Card Co is a proud partner with Canada Post. Our Little Tin Cards are Canada Post approved for mailing with a 200 gram postage stamp. Simply add 200 grams of postage, include your message and the mailing address and drop your tincard into the nearest Canada Post mailbox. 

If your postmaster refuses to accept your Little Tin Card for mailing, please purchase the postage yourself and add to the tin. We are Canada Post approved and your tins will mail within Canada. 

**When mailing outside of Canada, you do so at your own risk. As with any item shipping over the border, there may be customs duties and declarations required. We are not responsible for mailings outside of Canada or within Canada once the tins have been dropped off at a Canada Post location or mailbox. 

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