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What's Inside: Pouch Planter, Coir Growing Medium, Green Lentils Microgreen Seeds, Mixing Stick, instructions on how to grow.

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Can my dog eat lentil microgreens? 

Yes! Lentil microgreens are very nutritious and an excellent source of fiber, protein and various vitamins that your pooch will love.  These legume family seeds are grown in microgreens - not sprouts. Lentils microgreens are very rich in proteins and also in fiber and minerals, especially iron and magnesium. They provide vitamins B and C. Our organic lentil microgreens are provided by our Canadian partners Mumm's Seeds, an organic seed supplier that has been in business for over 35 years. 

Allow your green lentils to grow for 7-10 days. Once they are ready for harvest, slip off the stems from the top of the pouch and chop, blend or mix the greens into your pups food for an added boost. If you're being a good boy or girl, maybe your pup will even share their greens with you as they are edible, delicious and a great addition to any salad, stew, pasta or any other of your favourite dishes. 


Note: We do not recommend microgreens for puppies under 6 months and dogs under 5 pounds. 




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