Happy Father's Day Rad Dad Pack

Unique Fathers Day Cards with Microgreen Seeds

Dad! He's always there, supporting, loving, encouraging and sometimes he even has great jokes! (sometimes).

If you have a Rad Dad in your life, let him know with a fun, hands-on card that let's him put his green thumb skills to the test. Not only will he get to sow and grow his personal card, he gets to eat it too! 

Our organic microgreen seed cards allows Dad to Sow and Grow his own mini indoor microgreen garden. Gift-a-Green card-pouches act as the growing pot and come complete with coco coir growing medium, kale organic microgreen seeds and a mixing stick. Just Sow, Grow & Eat! 

Our organic "Let Your Garden Grow" Little Tin Card is the perfect gift for Dad. Not only will he get to grow his own unique collectible tin card, but you can also add your own personal message. Each Little Tin Card comes complete with organic sunflower microgreen seeds, coco coir growing medium, a mixing stick and a "Garden Wall". 

We use only certified organic microgreen seeds that are safe, healthy, and delicious to eat, plus our products are packed by hand in Vancouver, B.C.


Gift-a-Green edible greeting cards are fun for everyone! We have cards for Birthdays, Mothers Day, Christmas, and more. We use only certified organic microgreens that are safe, healthy and delicious to eat plus our products are packed by hand in Vancouver, B.C. Customers simply choose a card, write a message and include the mailing address and then add a stamp. No need to put in a separate envelope as our cards are the envelope and grow pot in one!


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