Love is in the Air Gift Pack

Je t'aime! Wǒ ài nǐ !  Ti amo! Te Quiero! Any way you say it, I Love You means the same thing!

Don’t just show your love, blend, brew and grow your love too with our organic radish microgreens, organic sangria tea, and decadent milk hot chocolate.


You get all 3:  

Send a card that’s on full display and blooms into colourful radish microgreens. Your recipient will get to try out their own green thumb and have tonnes of fun reading your personal message, opening the pouch, planting the seeds and growing their very own mini radish microgreen garden. Within 8-10 days they’ll be ready to harvest and eat. The best part is – your Gift-a-Green card will be on full display and have them thinking about you all week long.

Our hot chocolate card contains your choice of premium milk chocolate or dark chocolate powder. All provided using fair trade practices by the Camino chocolate company. The perfect gift to help someone warm up with whether they’re sitting around a fire or just looking for a treat on a Sunday afternoon.

The Sangria tea card allows your special someone the chance to brew up their very own sangria cocktail (alcohol not included). Just follow the directions on the inside panel, turn up the music and dance the night away. 


Gift-a-Green and Little Tin Card greeting cards are fun for everyone! We have cards for Birthdays, Mothers Day, Christmas, and more. We use only certified organic consumables that are safe, healthy, and delicious to eat. Plus our products are Made in Canada and packed by hand in Vancouver, B.C.

Simply choose a card, write your message, include the mailing address and add a stamp (100 grams). No need to put in a separate envelope as our cards are the envelope.




Comes as a pack including one of each: 

I Love You Spicy Radish microgreens

Milk Hot Chocolate powder

Sangria Blend Loose Leaf Tea

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