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Just BEETcause Card | Beet Microgreens

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Just BEETcause Greeting Cards

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The best surprises just show up, no birthday, no congratulations, no reason at all! Send a greeting card for no reason and make a special occasion out of nothing. Our "Just BEETcause" microgreen cards just show up, then grow up into delicious, organic beet microgreens. It's a surprise with a super sweet twist. 

Your recipient will test their green thumb and have tons of fun reading your personal message, opening the pouch, planting the seeds and growing their very own mini Beet microgreens garden. Within 1-2 weeks they’ll be ready to harvest and eat. The best part is – your giftagreen card will be on full display and have them thinking about you all week long!



Simply write your message, include the mailing address and add postage stamps. No need to put in a separate envelope as our cards are the envelope and grow pot all in one!



Simply cut along the dotted line & remove the microgreen seed envelope. Add 1/3 cup of water to the soil in the pouch and stir. Add microgreen seeds to the soil and gently stir just below the surface. Next place your pouch in a bright sunny area, mist & water occasionally and within 1-2 weeks you'll have fresh organic homegrown microgreens!


Beet microgreens are like the colorful and whimsical party guests of the microgreen world, with their vibrant hues and playful flavor adding a fun and festive touch to any dish. These tiny greens are packed with essential nutrients like iron, fiber, and antioxidants that support healthy blood flow and digestion, making them a nutritious and delicious addition to your diet. And growing beet microgreens at home is a fun and easy way to bring some color and cheer into your life, while also satisfying your inner gardener. So whether you add them to your salads, sandwiches, or tacos, beet microgreens are sure to add a playful and joyful pop of color and flavor to your meals. Get ready to party with your taste buds!



Gift-a-Green edible greeting cards are fun for everyone! We have cards for Birthdays, Mothers Day, Christmas, Thank You, Congrats and much more.  We use only certified organic microgreens that are safe, healthy, and delicious to eat.  Our products are sourced and assembled in North America.