How To Grow Gift-a-Green Greeting Cards

Microgreen Greeting Card Growing Instructions




Opening your giftagreen greeting card pouch

giftagreen greeting card instructions1

number 2

Using scissors, carefully cut along the dotted line...

giftagreen greeting card instructions2

number 3

Remove the Microgreen Seed Pouch and Mixing Stick only. (Soil disc should remain in the pouch).

giftagreen greeting card instructions5


number 4

Add approx. 1/3 cup of water to the pouch (ensure that the soil disc is in the pouch) 

giftagreen greeting card instructions4

number 5

Stir/Mix the water into the soil puck until all of the water is absorbed. Gently mix and fluff up the soil until it's just below the top of the cut pouch. 


number 6

Add the microgreen seeds to the soil and gently cover them with a thin layer of soil.


number 7

Next place your pouch in a bright sunny area, mist & water occasionally and within 2 weeks you'll have fresh organic homegrown microgreens.