Why we do it

We want to create fabulous experiences to keep our connections for life!
Our concept was developed around the idea of connecting people through an engaging and interactive experience. We truly believe that in a world of digital communications real-life interactions still matter. We think you believe that too. 

Here at Gift-a-Green, we've partnered up with several awesome Canadian-based companies in order to get the freshest ingredients, coolest packaging, and tastiest healthy treats into the hands and mouths of those you care about. We've designed our products to be mailed just like a regular postcard allowing you to simply:

1) choose a gift (tea or microgreens)
2) select the occasion (birthday, thank you, etc.)
3) write your personal message (we can send on your behalf)
4) add your recipient's mailing address


The Team

Cam (right) and Bryan have been friends for nearly a decade. It was early on in their friendship they realized they had similar values, enjoyed the outdoors and had a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. While developing a previous concept that was focused on contact information, they decided they had to find a product that people could send to each other through the mail that fit a number of important criteria focused on experiences. When they realized they couldn’t find a product on the market that checked all of the boxes they were looking for - innovative, interactive, fun and provided a true experience – they decided to set out and create their own. Through much hard work, dedication, trial and error and of course passion, they are now thrilled to have launched Gift-a-Green! 

"We hope you love Gift-a-Green as much as we do"

Bryan, Arlene Dickinson and Cam at District Ventures





Our Partners


Mumm's Sprouting Seeds

The Mumm's have been farming organically for over 35 years. We partner with certified organic farmers to bring you healthy, sustainable, non-GMO seed. These seeds were grown using environmentally sustainable farming methods, without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. For more information, please visit their website.

Tealish Fine Teas

Since 2005 Tealish has helped to redefine the tea landscape in Canada. One of Toronto’s most popular spots for tea enthusiasts, tealish boasts a selection of the world’s finest teas, teaware, and a tea only cafe serving tea lattes, fresh brewed iced teas and tea smoothies. Featuring award-winning teas and design, an engaging online social presence, and the best teas on earth, Tealish continues to turn people into tea-lovers every day! For more information, please visit their website.