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Gift-a-Green is a one-of-a-kind collection encompassing the true DIY spirit of growing your own indoor garden. Each pouch comes with one of eight different varieties of microgreen seeds and a special blend of dried coconut coir. Users will be thrilled to plant the seeds and watch their microgreens grow over a two-week period resulting in delicious and nutritious microgreens that can be added to a favourite dish. The best part of all, no need to transplant – The Pouch is the Pot!

To Mom 

Gift-a-Tea, our latest addition is a perfect combination of greeting card and gift in one. Each pouch is filled with 40 grams of some of the finest loose-leaf teas around. We’ve partnered up with Tealish Fine Teas in order to provide a sensory appealing array of Rooibas, Green, Black and Herbal teas. These teas will leave them sipping with a smile!




Send it! Grow it! Eat it! 

Our Gift-a-Green pouches include growing medium and one of 8 different varieties of organic microgreen seeds. And remember, the pouch is the pot!

Send it! Steep it! Drink it! 

Our Gift-a-Tea pouches include 40 grams of the finest tasting loose-leaf tea. Choose from 8 different flavours of green, black, rooibos and herbal. You'll leave them sipping with a smile.







What's the occasion? Choose from 8 different popular greeting card themes. If there's something we're missing let us know, we're always looking to add to our collection. 

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