Elevate Your School's Fundraising Event with Gift-a-Green Greeting Cards


Out with the old and in with the newest FUNdraising product around – Gift-a-Green Greeting Cards🎉

Gift-a-Green offers a revolutionary product that can be integrated into a successful fundraising event that is necessary for closing critical funding gaps to ensure that your school has the resources it needs.


Why Gift-a-Green?

Gift-a-Green is not your average fundraiser; it's a game-changer in the world of fundraising. Here's how it works:

1. Choose from a Variety of Cards: Your supporters can purchase Birthday Cards, Holiday Cards, Thank You Cards, and more – all uniquely designed with a special surprise inside.

2. Sow and Grow: Recipients of these cards open them up, add water, and watch their microgreens grow! In just 6-10 days, they'll enjoy home-grown organic microgreens, a delightful addition to any meal.

What Makes Gift-a-Green Special?

🌟 Makes Fundraising Fun: Gift-a-Green injects an element of fun into fundraising, igniting enthusiasm among your supporters with this exciting fundraising concept.

🌱 Practical and Unique: Everyone sends cards, whether for birthdays, holidays, or to express gratitude. Why not send a card that is not only unique but literally full of life?

🚀 Sells Itself: Gift-a-Green's innovative concept practically sells itself. People are immediately drawn to the idea of a grow-it-yourself greeting card with the enjoyment of it being edible.

💰 Maximize Fundraising Results with 50% PROFIT!  Gift-a-Green consistently surpasses fundraising goals, providing a robust foundation for Schools like yours to thrive.

To learn more about Gift-a-Green and its potential impact on your fundraising efforts, I've attached our fundraiser brochure for your convenience.