Growing your First Microgreen

Growing your First Microgreen

Wait, What’s a Microgreen?

Microgreens are tiny edible vegetables- like lettuce, broccoli, and radish and only take 5 to 14 days to grow depending on the type of seeds. Microgreens are essentially seedlings of edible vegetables and herbs. There is a specific distinction between sprouts and microgreens where in that microgreens are grown in soil while sprouts germinate in water. Microgreens also shouldn't be confused with baby greens as those are the leafy plants that are harvested before they're really, truly mature, but grow at a longer period than microgreens.
These tiny vegetables are the perfect house plant. They don’t take up much space and don’t need that much sunlight. For all you growers stuck in a seasonal depression, microgreens are your new best friend! All you need is a fairly sunny window (or fluorescent light bulb), water and a packet of seeds.
Gourmet chefs have been using microgreens forever. If you’re looking for a strong, bold flavour, try one of the microgreens arugula, radish, or kale. If you’re looking for a garnish to add more colour, check out the kohlrabi, sunflower, or purple radish microgreens and if it’s spicy and crunchy microgreens you’re looking for definitely try mustard or sunflower. 
Another reason they are popular is because microgreens are packed with rich vitamins and minerals. In one study, it was found that microgreens have 4-6 times the nutrients than their adult version!

The Growing process

Growing Steps

Growing your first microgreen is extremely simple. It only takes four steps: planting the seed, find a place for proper sunlight, watering it, and harvesting.
  • The bigger the seed the deeper it should be planted. Our largest seed, the sunflower, should be planted two inches deep. For the rest of the seeds at Gift-A-Green, it's best to plant them just below the soil surface. One easy tip is to spread the seeds along the surface of the soil and then lightly shake the pouch back and forth until the seeds settle. The more shaking the deeper the seeds generally fall.

  • Once planted, make sure your pouch gets as much light as possible. Microgreens grow in natural sunlight, even on cloudy days, but if there’s no sunlight putting them under a fluorescent light will do the trick.

  • A healthy amount of watering is also required. We recommend using a spray bottle to heavily mist your plant. Don’t soak them as if they are over watered, the plant will die. Another method is to pour- ¼ a cup of water every 2-3 days. As long as the soil doesn’t dry, you’re in good shape.

  • All our microgreens take an average of 10 days to grow. At this point, the plant will be the most nutrient dense, but make sure to plan this out because once cut the plant will start to wither.
Once you’re ready, grab a pair of scissors, trim at the stem and enjoy! By the way, don’t forget to compost the soil and roots.
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