WTF is Kohlrabi?

WTF is Kohlrabi?


WTF is Kohlrabi!?

Recently, one of our customers asked us this very question. We use kohlrabi microgreens in our Merry Christmas Gift-a-Green mainly because the colours look amazing, they taste delicious and the beautiful purple purple stems suit our Merry Christmas pouch perfectly! But, what are kohlrabi microgreens?

Our kohlrabi microgreens are certified organic and non-GMO. We source all of our seeds from Mumm's who have been working with organic seeds for over 35 years.

Kohlrabi is a member of the brassica family which includes cabbage, broccoli, mustard, radish and others. They produce a mild, sweet flavour and make the perfect garnish to any dish both for colour and taste. Kohlrabi contains several nutrients, minerals, vitamins and lipids that help to enhance the overall health. It is an excellent source of vitamin C and good source of fiber. The important nutrients, minerals vitamins that are present in kohlrabi help us to maintain Digestive Health, Iron Deficiency, proper Nerve and Muscle Function, Vision Health and many more.

So there, that’s WTF they are!

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